DIAL General Engineering is a California Licensed and bonded General Engineering Contractor and Federal Government Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business formed in 1998 by brothers Frank and Mike Tyning for the purpose of pursuing federal contracts set aside for small business.

Landscaping Construction

Dial General Engineering offers landscape maintenance services that include weekly mowing, trimming of upright headstones, private monuments, flat markers and fence lines. Dial General Engineering’s highly trained professionals and skilled in fertilization, aeration, weed control, mole and gopher control, tree maintenance, shrub maintenance, planter bed maintenance, dethatching, trash and debris removal and sunken grave repair. We are proud to offer these services to any national cemetery in need of grounds maintenance help.

  • Installation of concrete slabs and maintenance

“Dial General Engineering has been instrumental in helping maintain, manage, and coordinate events at our property. Their services have been a game changer for us.”

Our Services


We provide ground maintenance services for cemeteries and all of the surrounding grounds. Our services range from basic landscaping such as mowing and pruning/trimming to irrigation maintenance, sunken grave repair and headstone cleaning.


Dial General Engineering’s burial services consist of the preparation of the committal shelter for service, the raising and lowering of the flag, the removal of the casket from hearse and the placement on the casket stand, and more.


We install and maintain headstones with the utmost respect for the inhabitant and their family. We polish and clean headstones using professional supplies and techniques so as not to scratch or damage the marker.


We provide landscaping services that range from pruning and planting, weed control and trash and debris removal to pest extermination and varmint control. We take great pride in our ability to exemplify the beauty of the grounds while at the same time focussing on maintenance and repair.


Dial General Engineering provides highly effective and professional building and grounds maintenance services. Services include sweeping and cleaning of roads and sidewalks, maintenance of storm drain inlets, and more.


As part of our event coordinating services Dial General Engineering Meet with the  local Veterans groups, coordinates with local scout groups for the placement and removal of approximately 23,000 individual grave decoration flags, provide and setup 2000 chairs as well as provide traffic control services on the day of the event.


Dial General Engineering is proud to be able to provide administrative and public relations services to cemeteries and their visitors. As pert of our public relations service we assist patrons of the cemetery, help visitors locate specific grave sites and answer general questions.

Pest Control

Dial General Engineering provides the highest level of service in the area of pest and varmint control. We offer professional and humane gopher and mole eradication.


Dial General Engineering offers landscape maintenance services that include weekly mowing, trimming of upright headstones, private monuments, flat markers and fence lines.

Algae Control

Dial General Engineering provides professional aquatic weed and algae control to its clients. We use top of the line professional equipment and materials and our highly trained staff is prepared for all types of aquatic maintenance jobs.

Electrical Services

Dial General Engineering has experienced personal ready to assist and provide you with expert electrical services. We are experienced in providing exterior and interior lighting services as well as flagpole lighting.

Plumbing Services

Dial General Engineering is dedicated to providing cemeteries with the highest level of plumbing support and services. At Dial General Engineering we know that the availability and usability of the tools at our disposal is very important so we are dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of irrigation and sprinkler systems.

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