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DIAL General Engineering is a California Licensed and bonded General Engineering Contractor and Federal Government Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business formed in 1998 by brothers Frank and Mike Tyning for the purpose of pursuing federal contracts set aside for small business.





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Veteran Owned Since 1998

Renovation Work

Dial General Engineering provides renovation work for cemeteries and all surrounding grounds.

Burial Services

Dial General Engineering’s burial services consist of the preparation of the committal shelter for service.

Facility Management

Dial General Engineering provides highly effective and professional building and grounds maintenance services.

Irrigation Management

Dial General Engineering has an outstanding irrigation management maintenance team.

Grounds Maintenance

We provide ground maintenance services for cemeteries and all of the surrounding grounds.

Event Coordination

As part of our event coordinating services we meet with local Veterans groups, coordinate with local scout groups for event management.

Bakersfield National Cemetery

The Bakersfield National Cemetery is located in the beautiful and rural area of Kern County, California, protected from the urban landscape by beautiful Oak trees and expansive rolling hills. The Bakersfield National Cemetery was first established in 2003 as part of the National Cemetery Expansion Act and sits on a beautiful 500 acres of land.

Dial General Engineering has been working with the Bakersfield National Cemetery since 2009 and is proud to provide them with a wide range of our professional services including basic landscaping and beautification procedures, the preparation of the committal shelter for services, the raising and lowering of the flag, the removal of caskets from the hearse and the placement of the casket on the casket stand.


“Dial General Engineering has been instrumental in helping maintain, manage, and coordinate events at our property. Their services have been a game changer for us.”

Golden Gate National Cemetery

The Golden Gate National Cemetery is located in Northern California in the city of San Bruno, San Mateo County roughly 10 miles south of the city of San Francisco. The beautiful facility was constructed in 1937 and is home to many veterans including some Medal of Honor recipients.

L.A. National Cemetery

The Los Angeles National Cemetery is located across from the VA Greater Los Angeles Health Care System and has frown to become more than 114 acres. Dial General Engineering has been working with the Los Angeles National Cemetery since 2008. We provided the cemetery with our highly professional Services including surveying approximately 25,000 upright headstones, the installation of 25,000 pre-cast concrete boxes, 500,000 lineal feet of reinforcing steel, 8,000 cubic yards of pumped in place concrete as well as the re-installation and alignment of 25,000 upright headstones,and removal and replacement of 1,250,000 square feet of fresh turf.

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery

The Sacramento Valley National Cemetery is the seventh national cemetery in California and was opened for burials in 2006. It sits on 561-acres of land just Southwest of Dixon, CA. Dial General Engineering has been providing our professional services to the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery since 2007. Our services to the cemetery include but are not limited to Irrigation Pond maintenance including algae and weed control, inspection and installation of new or replacement upright headstones, niche covers and flat markers as well as landscaping tasks such as beautification and maintenance of trees, shrubs and planter beds.

San Diego – Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is located in the city of San Diego, CA West of the downtown area. The Cemetery overlooks the city of San Diego and the San Diego bay and is registered as a California Historical Landmark. The Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is home to many monuments to soldiers who have lost their lives in defense of the United States. Being in San Diego, the cemetery sees many days of beautiful sunlight and warm weather throughout the year.

Dial General Engineering worked with Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on construction projects from 2008 to 2012. Services to the cemetery included the installation of an engineered concrete headstone support system as well as turf renovation. Dial General Engineering surveyed and installed 30,000 upright headstones, 30,000 pre-cast concrete boxes and the alignment and cleaning of 60,000 upright headstones.

San Joaquin National Cemetery

The San Joaquin National Cemetery sits on over 322 acres of land in Merced County, CA. The land was donated to the government by the Romero Ranch company in 1989 for use as a national cemetery. We have been providing our services to the San Joaquin National Cemetery since 2007and is proud to provide them with our high level professional services. Also home to a small military museum.

S.F. National Cemetery

The San Francisco National Cemetery is located in beautiful San Francisco, CA in the Presidio a once active military base during World War II and now a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area under the control of the National Park Service. The SFNC was the first national cemetery established on the West Coast and faces the iconic Golden Gate Bridge; it is the final resting place for many US Soldiers.

The Cemetery is located on a grassy hill and is surrounded by many beautiful Eucalyptus trees providing tranquility and privacy for those interred and their families. Dial General Engineering performed weekly Grounds Maintenance consisting mowing, trimming of upright headstones,private monuments, flat markers and fence lines. Edging of curbs and valve boxes. Fertilization,Aeration,Weed Control, Mole and Gopher Control,Tree maintenance, Shrub Maintenance, planter bed maintenance, dethatching, trash and debris removal and sunken grave repair.


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